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FIRM WEBSITE ADDRESS FORMAT - in order to display your Firm Website address (either in the Press Release announcing your membership or on the Member Directory if the Expanded Directory Listing option is elected)  it must be in proper format as follows:

  • Please state the full address for "Firm Website".  The address should start with "http://" (or "https://" if it is a secure site).  For example,  or, rather than just "" or "").   You may include or not include the "www".  The "http://" (or "https://") allows our program to recognize it as a website address and properly display it.  This is especially important if you have elected the Expanded Directory Listing and wish for an active link to your Firm Website to appear in the Member Directory.
  • All website addresses technically start with http:// or https://, although they are often not stated in ordinary use.  
  • If you are not sure whether your website address is http:// or https:// -- use http:// (for example, if you usually would state your website address as or, please state it here as or  (or https:// if you know it is a "secure" website).
  • If this is not clear, you may send us an email to for clarification.

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