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  • All Members are listed by Name, City and State.  Members have the option of also including an Expanded Directory Listing which includes their Firm Name, a link to their Firm Website and a statement of their Areas of Practice.  The statement of Areas of Practice is a statement by the Member, not a representation by Million Dollar Advocates Forum.
  • All attorneys listed as members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum are also members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.
  • Membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum is not intended to imply that a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum may not have had multi-million dollar cases.  Such an attorney may be qualified for Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum membership, but has not chosen to apply for such membership.
  • Select a State, Province or Country (or search entire list)
  • word search for: City, Areas of Practice, Member Name, etc 
  • examples: Chicago, Phoenix injury, New York medical, etc
  • searching just a state and/or city will show all Members in that state/city.  Searching an Area of Practice word (e.g. "medical" or "product liability") will show only Expanded Directory Listings which contain such word(s).  A partial word search will show listings which include such partial word (such as "truck" will also show "trucking", or "product" will show "products liability", etc)
  •  For example, simply selecting the state Illinois will produce all members in Illinois.  Selecting Illinois and searching “Chicago” will produce all Illinois members in Chicago.  Searching “Chicago medical” will produce only all Chicago members who have an expanded directory listing which includes the word medical. 
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