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  • How To Edit Your Member Profile

You may edit the following items in your Member Profile

  • Name (you may edit your first or middle name, or suffix ("Jr.". etc).  If last name requires change (e.g. due to marriage, etc), please contact us to make the change
  • Address, City, State, Zip
  • Telephone, Fax
  • Email Address, Secondary Email Address (i.e.- if you wish copies of MDAF emails to be sent to another person)
  • Firm Name
  • Firm Website
  • "Areas of Practice" description (applies only if you have elected the Expanded Directory Listing option)
  • Log-In at the log-in logo which appears at the top of each page.  Use your email address (the one we have for you)  and password to log-in.  If you do not have or know your password, simply click “forgot password“ and one will be sent to you. 
  • Click the Log-in logo and select "View Profile"
  • At your Profile page, select "EDIT PROFILE"
  • Changes will also edit what appears on  your Member Directory listing (this applies only to Name, City and State unless you have elected the optional Expanded Directory Listing)
  • If you have the Expanded Directory Listing option, be sure and review / edit the Expanded Directory section at the bottom of the Profile. The Firm Name, Firm Website and Areas of Practice which appear there are what will appear on your Member Directory Listing. 
  • Please see FIRM WEBSITE FORMAT REQUIREMENTS regarding how your Firm Website MUST be stated in order to appear in your Expanded Directory Listing
  • AREAS OF PRACTICE description (for Expanded Directory Listing) - Please limit to objective areas of practice, such as "medical malpractice, product liability, complex litigation" etc., not self-laudatory statements or other honors or accomplishments (200 character limit)

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